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SEO is one of the most important marketing areas for most online stores, which is why it is so important to choose the right SEO agency that will support our business and help us increase visibility in the Google search engine. In projects that I had the opportunity to implement, sales generated from the Google search engine accounted for the largest percentage of all channels, I suspect that you can SEO Experts UK do the same 😉 That’s why I’m a big fan of it, despite the large changes and updates of Google algorithms that take place, as well as the increasing number of ads Google Ads.

Major changes introduced by Google, especially in 2018, mainly concerned two key updates resulting from the so-called Medic Update or YMYL…

How to choose an SEO agency? Or maybe a freelancer?

Choosing a company or person to work with in increasing your domain’s visibility can be quite difficult and problematic. See what to follow and what to require, regardless of who you work with.

SEO Experts UK

SEO agency, freelancer, or maybe something in between? Today’s post contains a lot of my personal experiences. As SEO specialist, I gained experience not only as a freelancer, Web SEO Company Ltd but also working in a very large SEO agency. Currently, together with my partner, we are trying to combine the advantages of both of these solutions, building a small, but modern and dynamic company that helps companies like yours win customers. Theoretically, at each stage of work in SEO, I had or have the same job.

However, working with clients is completely different. The differences are significant, so I decided to describe the most important information regarding cooperation with large SEO #SEOExpertsUK agencies, freelancers and small companies. Cooperation with a large SEO agency I consider a company to be a large SEO agency that has at least a few people selling SEO services. It is possible that such a company has several dozen employees in other departments. Very often, such companies provide other internet marketing services.

Further just such a definition? This is because, in most cases, only visit large SEO agencies need an active sales department.

Large companies have to acquire a large number of new customers because retention (customer retention) in such companies is quite difficult – many dissatisfied customers have to be replaced by new ones to keep the business going. In this case, the client is usually of little importance, he is only Search Top Seo Company Usa another element of the profit table. What does the cooperation with a large SEO agency look like? The beginning of cooperation with a large company almost always begins with contacting the seller who will offer you the company’s services. Unfortunately, it comes with a few not necessarily good facts. The trader usually has no idea what SEO is. He does not know his product and has no experience in this rather specific industry. The sale will be based on generalities: we will do an audit of the website, we will improve the website technically, you will be high in Gogol, there will be more traffic, etc. SEO training ”inside the company.

The service and its duration If you decide to use the service, you will have to sign a long-term contract. Few of the big SEO companies offer contracts with one month’s notice. Only sign SEO Basics contracts from which you have the right to cancel at any time, any other option will not be beneficial for you. Access to SEO Agency specialists The quality of services in large SEO agencies varies and it is not due to the fact that there are weak specialists working there.

On the contrary, the larger the agency, the more good specialists it can afford. Unfortunately, even the best SEO specialists have limited time resources.

A large number of clients means that one person can take care of even several dozen projects at a time. They are unable to spend more time on one business.

A few hours per one client is very little, especially since you still need to perform analyzes and reports during this time. It should also be remembered that SEO juniors also work in large companies, there is nothing worse when your business is a testing ground for an adept in the art of SEO. In addition, access to such a specialist or even a SEO junior is almost impossible. Usually, you will talk to an intermediary who does not always have the necessary knowledge and experience in SEO. Due to this state of affairs, you are not able to verify the competence of an SEO agency employee, it causes a number of communication problems and a lot of room for mistakes.

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