To have a balanced diet, one must consume fruits on daily basis. This will help one to keep a fit body to do daily tasks, and it will also prevent one from getting ill. As fruits contain a large number of vitamins and another necessary ingredients to have a strong immune system. This can be otherwise needed to be fulfilled by taking pills and getting medication. The natural way of getting a strong body and a good fight against diseases can be fulfilled by having the right amount of fruits.

Origin of star-fruit or carambola

When it comes to the selection of fruits for eating, one may consume, depending upon the taste. However, some fruits are not so common, and they can be considered special. Out of a big number of such fruits, one big name is carambola. The other name for this is star fruit, and it belongs to the trees of Averrhoa Carambola. This carambola is normally found in Southeast Asia, South Asia, United States, the Caribbean, and Micronesia. All over the tropical areas of the world, it can easily be found there.

Physical appearance

As far as the appearance and taste of the carambola are concerned, both features are astonishing and amazing. Physically, it is yellow or greenish and has a mixed taste of sweetness and sourness together. There have been two types of carambola, one comes in a smaller size that is typically sour. While the other one is sweeter and has generally large.

Nutritional information

As far as nutritional effects are concerned, like other fruits, they contain a large number of valuable items that are good for health. On average, a standard size carambola, that may be of around 90 grams, may contain fiber up to 3 grams, protein 1 gram, vitamin C 52% of RDI, vitamin B5 4% of RDI, folate 3% of RDI, copper 6% of RDI, potassium 3% of RDI and magnesium 2% of RDI. The number of calories that one will consume be around 28 grams, while the number of carbs will be around 6 grams.

Additional benefits

Apart from these conventional materials, starfruit contains some other important components like quercetin, epicatechin, and Gallic acid. These three compounds are known for their nature of anti-oxidation and other health benefits associated with them. Starfruit is also proving effective against fatty liver and fight against cholesterol, this is proved in experiments done on mice.

Health advisory

Besides the positive points about the starfruit, there have been some negative aspects of this fruit also. As starfruit contains deadly neurotoxins, so it may be dangerous to the nervous system. People suffering from kidney problems must not take even a small amount of 100 grams. People with weak kidneys have reported poisoning from starfruit. The symptoms of poisoning are vomiting, hiccups, confusion, and weakness. Therefore, it is suggested to those people suffering from kidney problems must not take this fruit. These symptoms if appear must not taken lightly, and one should rush to the hospital or medical doctor.