The challenge

When an overhead crane is utilized in intense environments which include transporting ladles from the meltshop to the con-caster inside of a steel mill There may be an enormous prospective for warmth, flames, ash or molten splash to seriously hurt electrical cables (or series of cables) Therefore crippling the crane. This translates into unscheduled routine maintenance and misplaced production time. In certain circumstances these fees happen to be estimated as high as $50,000 / hr depending on generation schedule

In the crane festoon cable technique, the spots which are specifically at superior chance are The underside surface of the very long loops that energize the trolley. In the event the cables are stretched out around potential There exists a big horizontal landing space for sparks, molten metallic splash, and so forth. The top saddle sections are prone to break. In lots of programs the cables are left totally unprotected and subjected to serious substantial temperature environments.

The Solution

With a minimal money investment, a protecting jacket can be set up to wrap round the electrical cable to resist heat, flame, ash and molten metallic splash. The Thermal and Cable Products jacket has to be adaptable and created from large temperature product. To make certain most trolley mobility Each individual tier in a multi tier cable system needs to be equipped with the independent jacket.

Within just North The us there are plenty of critical manufactures of custom made fabricated protective jackets. A lot of of these manufactures contain the in property complex know-how to style and assemble custom-made superior temperature defense goods to accommodate almost any cable process configuration.

The Technologies

For Intense environments in excessive of 2000oF a powerful jacketing construction (as produced by Worbo Inc. Thermal Protection Engineering) is made of an interior layer of aluminized Kevlar® material surrounded by a large 36oz layer of 2000oF woven silica. The woven silica should experience the hot side atmosphere. The jacket is wrapped within the cables to variety a closure joint and tied together utilizing chrome steel wire ties or cinch straps. To make certain the closure joint is protected from Grime, dust along with other abrasive product infiltration, the jacket should be equipped by using a protecting flap to protect the closure.

For less Intense environments a more cost-effective alternate jacket (as designed by Worbo Inc. Thermal Safety Technology) is created of a really reflective aluminized product (Eko-Therm(TM)). The aluminized material is capable of reflecting nearly ninety% of infrared heat from by itself and is usually used in protecting clothing. On the other hand, the aluminized protecting clothing uses a Substantially lower temperature and lighter substrate.

The festoon cable defense technique ought to be Geared up having a “Trolley Skirt” to correctly cut down the risk of significant temperature damage to the cables at Each and every of the saddle help spots. The “Trolley Skirt” really should be made of suitable substantial temperature supplies to go with the cable jacket procedure.